Procuring New Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services for Families


Procuring an innovative residential treatment facility for families

To say that the opioid crisis is taxing the child welfare system in Allegheny County is an understatement. The executive leadership team identified a need for treatment services for families that reduced common barriers to recovery like transportation and child care.

I was asked to write two of the RFPs: one for an in-home treatment program adapted from an evidence-based model in Connecticut and another for a new residential treatment facility that will accept whole families. I worked with leadership from our Office of Children, Youth & Families, and the Office of Behavioral Health to define what we wanted to procure.

This new facility will also provide therapeutic childcare and focus both on recovery and on healthy family attachments. The residential treatment RFP was designed to allow our providers to propose a model that they believe would be the best fit for our target families. I'm currently sitting on the review committees for both RFPs.

Click here to view the residential treatment RFP